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"Our men laid the bridge under a very heavy fire, then drove the enemy from the city. You may be sure that was no easy job as they fired from the buildings while our men were laying the bridge. Then we fired into the buildings with our artillery. After the enemy was driven out and our men had taken possession of the city they shelled it again so between both armies the town was pretty well riddled."

A.J. Juckett December 19, 1862-Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Welcome to my  Website,   This is a tribute to my  Great Great Grandfather Albert John Juckett,  and his brother Ashley Juckett  who both,  when our country needed them most, took up arms and helped  preserve the United States as one great country.

Albert or A.J. as he was called,  was first to join the fight.  He enlisted in  Company I of the Second Michigan Infantry on May 25, 1861 at the age of 20 years, and completed his 3 year enlistment, on June 3, 1864.

Ashley joined  on August 19, 1862  at 33 years of age,  serving with Company K,  Fifth Michigan Cavalry  until his death in August of 1863.

 On this web page there are over 50 letters,  most written by A.J., and Ashley to there parents during the conflict,  there are also  letters written by Lavisa Juckett, Ashley's wife during the war and one written by a friend of Ashley's wife informing his parents of his death.

I have also included pictures of A.J and Ashley,  as well as their  father Hazael,  their mother Hannah,  and A.J.'s wife Chloe, whom  he married after the war.


Please take the time and read some letters,  if you have any  questions or comments please sign my guest book or contact me by email.


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