Raeren Belgium   1944-2007

Tom Vonhoff of Raeren, Belgium sent my Dad these pictures of Raeran in 2007.

They show various places that my Dad took pictures of while the 78 Infantry Division was there in December 1944 to January 1945.





Dads friend Bennie Sacco, in front of a Castle in Raeren 

 December 1944                  

This old Castle was used by the 78th division to process new replacements seen in  this 2007 photo.





This building in 1944 was used as a rest center, it was later turned into a field hospital
On New Years Day 1945, Dad was cutting hair at the rest center, the men waiting there turn were standing around chatting, and keeping warm near a pot bellied stove in the room. When suddenly to the surprise of every man, the room was filled with flying bullets, the Luftwaffe had made a surprise visit to the rest center, 3 men standing just feet from Dad were hit, wounding them in there arms and legs. He remembers looking out the window as the planes left and there were 8 or 9 of them all flying in a row strafing the town.
Dad helped carry the wounded GI's to an ambulance, and is happy to report all the men survived the attack. In late January the rest center in Raeren was closed, and was converted into a field hospital.


T5 Barber posing with a couple Doughnut Girls


This building in 1944 and 1945 was a rest center and field hospital for American GI's.  Today it is a School for the Kids of Raeren.


Raeren,  Belgium 2007

Dad posing for a picture in December 1944,  in the background is a church steeple.   The church and steeple can be seen in the two pictures above.