Camp Michigan,
January 21 1862

Dear Laura: I think you must have lots of fun going to parties and I think someone must be rather hard up to charge for such little things.

I would like it first rate if I could be taken prisoner, if I was sure of having such good luck.

I wouldn't care a bit if they did not invite me to their old parties for they don't amount to much.

I might try and get a furlough but that Would be about all the good it would do and besides I do not want to come home until I can stay. It would cost so much that I cannot afford it.

If I could be sick enough to go to the general hospital I would try to get my discharge.
I would not like to leave here and go back to the ranks if I was sure of being a Sergeant much less a Corporal.

I almost forgot to tell you how much we have to pay for butter. It is only fifty cents per pound.

I must stop for this time and write soon.

good bye
A .J. Juckett.




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