Columbia Ky.
Tues. June 2,1863

My Dear Father and Mother:

As I am not other ways engaged and we are expecting to move I will write to you.

We have been here about a week. I went to Lexington first and was there a week and mailed my last letter from there.
I went there to carry the colors and guards for Gen. Wilcox ball. They had a very good time. I had a chance to get around and see all there was to be seen.

I saw the cemetery and Henry clay's monument. All together it is a very nice place.

There are about five hundred soldiers of the union and nearly as many rebels. They are buried in a circle and as fast as they fill one circle the commence another.

The rebels are buried the same way only there were flowers planted and blossoms laid on their graves, I suppose there many secessionist that live in the city.

I found the boys alright. King is trying to get a furlough but I don't know whether he will make it or not.

We received our Pay last Sunday and I am waiting to go to Lebanon or for King to go before I send it. I will send forty dollars or perhaps a little more. I would have sent fifty if it had not been that one of the boys wanting to borrow some.

If I do not send the money by King I will send it by express. I have been having a nice little boil. It has bothered me some about sitting down.

Some of the Cavalry have been to Jamestown and While they were there the rebels charged the town but were driven back. The Cavalry bring in a few prisoners every day. The Rebels are all through here stealing Horses

I received Laura's letter Saturday I think she must have had a sorry time of it. I really pity her myself.

Laura didn't tell me whether Phoebe was going to New York.

When I wrote about George Waldron being a drummer I forgot to mention that King and Deland Davis were made corporal.

I think by what Deland says Homer has changed some since I was there.

I think it is about time for Eliza to write again for she is getting behind.

Does Uncle peter wear the Copperhead badge I believe if I were there and saw him wearing one I would punch him in the nose if I could.

l will have to stop for something to write Give My love to all.

Good bye for this time,
A. J. Juckett.

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