Edwards Ferry, Md.,
Sunday Oct. 19, 1862.

Dear Father and Mother: I have been going to write you for three or four days but have Just commenced to do so.

The boys are all well but I came pretty near being sick. I feel much better now but I was quite lame for nearly a week. I think the march down here was the hardest we ever for the distance. The road was up and down hill all the way.

We are camped where Banks men camped last winter.

The Regt. is guarding the ferry while one of our regts. has gone out on a scout.

I am with the ambulance Corps. We came here last Wednesday. There are two men with each ambulance and the driver. All I have to do while we are here in camp is to fill a small keg with water once a day so you see I don't hurt my self.

We are armed with navy revolvers.

I suppose you have received some money from me by this time. I sent some to Laura in a letter, then a couple of days later I sent twenty dollars in a paper. One or two days later I sent ten dollars in another letter. I am in some hurry to hear whether you received it.

I have not heard from Ashley since about the time he enlisted.

I would like to hear from him when you write let me know
what company he is in.

I can't think of anything more to write so you must excuse
me for this time.

When I feel more like writing I will try and do better.

I send lots of love to all of you so good bye.
From your affectionate Son
A.J. Juckett.


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