Knoxville, Tenn.
Mon. Oct. 19, 1863

My Dear Father and Mother

After a march of about 100 miles and back I improve the first opportunity in writing to you.

We started from here a week ago last Wednesday and marched to a place called Bulls Gap in the mountains. We stopped there one night then marched to Blue Springs.
There we found the rebels in force, had a little skirmish and in the night the rebels fell back.

Our Cavalry followed them and I guess they made about as fast time as they could for we found their dead that they had left behind.

We stayed there one day and then started back.

We arrived here in three days and it has rained for two days.

Loudon, Tenn.
Oct 25,

Last Monday afternoon we received orders to march and to come to Loudon.

It is forty miles and we were two days getting here. We expect to have a fight here.
I saw the 25th regiment and the boys are all well except Charley Burt and he is in the hospital.

You must not expect much of a letter this time for I do not feel much like writing but it is time that you should here from me.

You need not direct my letters to the regiment and Co. That Lieutenant must have been a fool for he should have sent my mail to Division Headquarters, then I would have gotten it.

You direct my letters to

3rd Brigade,
1st Division,
9th Army Ambulance corps,
Knoxville, Tenn.

If they are addressed this way they will come to me.

If the Company or regiment are on the move they will go to the Division Headquarters.

I cannot write any more this tine, so good bye and my love to all.

please write soon
A.J. Juckett
Please send me some stamps


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