Fort Lyon, VA

Oct 25 1861

Dear Mother:

Thinking you will be glad to hear from me. I thought I would write few lines,  to let you know how I am getting along. I am well so are the rest of the boys except Manning Drake. He has just come from Annapolis Hospital and he is nearly well.

We have pretty good times here considering our situation I can't start off and go as far as I please but I can't find any fault with that for if we could there wouldn't be anything left in the country. The soldiers are great hands to destroy property.

On the road going from Fort Albany to Munson's Hill I saw a school house that some of the New York troops tore down. There was nothing left but the sills. We saw dwelling houses that had every bit of siding off and all the windows broken.

Some of the boys went to Mount Vernon today. I just heard them speak of it so I thought I would ask the Lieutenant if I could go. He said I could go tomorrow next time I write I will tell you about it.

I want you, father and Harvey to have pictures taken and send them to me. Make the girls have theirs taken too and pay for them with my money. You can have them taken on steel plates and the postage will not be so much.

I want you to write and tell how much corn you have and how it is, also how much wheat they have sowed. I have not seen a wheat field this fall.

I want you to write as often as you can. I can't think of any more to write about.
Answer as soon as you get this.
From your Son
A.J. Juckett

Have those pictures taken right away for we may leave here soon


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