Arlington Heights
October 6, 1861

Dear Father:

Having sometime to spare I thought I would write you a few lines. I am well and so are the rest of the boys. King is so he has taken his place in the ranks again.

I received Laura's letter last Friday and should have answered it yesterday but I was on fatigue. Ten of each company go up to Fort Richardson to work and it was my turn to go,

The new Colonel makes us stand around a little more then Gen. Richardson did. Now we have to be out at five in the morning but before we did not.

When I wrote the last letter to Laura I expected we would not be here now. Last Monday we were out on battalion drill and had Just come in when we heard a long roll beat Anyone that has heard the long roll beat will say there is something that is rather exciting,  All men are in their places in a hurry We did not know but we were being attacked but it didn't  happen to be so. We had orders to be ready with one days rations in our haversacks. We had such orders for three days.

Since we took Munson's  Hill we have no more picketing to do. The 4th Michigan is at Falls Church at the outpost. Ed Howard Sylvester's brother in law was here to see us He belonged to 7th Michigan then transferred to the First Regiment.

He saw Seem Howard he said he has got to be corporal.

I wish it were so you could come here. There are quite a few things you would like to see. The public buildings, Navy Yard, and some forts. You could see small guns and some large ones.

When we first came here the cars did not run on the Railroad that runs from Alexandria to Richmond. but since the rebels have left they have commenced to run again. We heard last Saturday of the battle
in Western Virginia and the evacuation of Lexington.

We are always glad to here news like that and hope we shall here more. I suppose you have the corn cut by this time. There are a few pieces around here but I guess there is not much corn left for the soldiers have made to many dinners out of it.

I have written all that I can think of and Would like to hear a word from you.

A.J Juckett

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