Arlington Heights, VA.
Mon Sept, 2, 1861

Dear Mother:

I received your letter yesterday an will now answer it. I am glad to hear your health is better. I am as well as I ever was. This climate is not very good for us Northerners for the nights are very chilly and the days are pretty warm.

I think we are pretty well supplied with clothes for I have two pair of drawers, two woolen shirts, four pairs of socks, a good pair of pants and expect to get another pair soon.
I have a good Jacket and a good overcoat and two pair of shoes. The socks are woolen. We have worn woolen shirts ever since I got here.


I want a silk handkerchief, colored so as to not to show the dirt.

I have one blanket and a good one too. The handkerchief you can send in a newspaper. There is not much danger of being sick. If one is sick he is taken to a Army Hospital. There they have lady nurses, and if there is a disease that they cannot cure or do not know the nature of they are sent home.

One man had a swelling on his neck and the doctors did not know what to do for it, so they sent him home. He got well and enlisted again.

Harrison Lewis is as well as usual but does no hard duty.

The Orderly is good about having the men do duty when they are not well.  He has been good to me about that.

I don't think we will have to march very soon for they are placing the men from this brigade into forts around here. Half a brigade goes out and march and leave the other half behind. They are getting along first rate with this fort. We went out and shoveled for four hours today and we got extra pay for that.

We got our Michigan pay today and my part was $1.94. we will get our pay from the Government soon.

I have seen General Scott, President Lincoln, General McLeland and lots of other big men.

My hair is pretty short so I could not get a very good lock of my hair.

I have written all the news I can think of, write often for I like to hear from you.

Write soon Obliged

Your Son,

My love to Father

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