V-MAIL was used during World War 2 as a way of getting massive amounts of mail delivered to or from the troops  overseas with the littlest amount of weight possible.  

   The V-MAIL was first written on a form about the same size as a piece of typewriter paper.  You then addressed it like a normal letter and affixed the normal postage, 3cents or 6cents if airmail was desired.  A Serviceman could get his mail delivered free. Then you dropped it in the mail and let Uncle Sam take over.

   Next if the VMAIL was sent to an area where Micro-Film equipment was available the letter was photographed and a miniature negative was made, and the original mail destroyed. It was then sent to the person over seas  the fastest way possible.  When the negative got  to its final  destination, a small print was made of the letter and then delivered to the addressee.

   If Micro-Film  equipment was not available the VMAIL was delivered in the normal way as quickly as possible.


7-20-1944 letter to Dad, form his friend Robert Mason serving with the 838th  Bomber Squadron.  Click Here to read it in text form.   

Actual size of V-MAIL