London, Mich

August 4th, 1861.

Dear friends:

I suppose you have been looking for a letter from us for some time and I will not have you wait in vain any longer. I should have written before but we neglected getting envelops before we came here and could not get any until yesterday. I sent by a neighbor to Ypsilanti and got some. We are well and have been since we wrote you last.

We found our lot about as we expected. Ashley has cleared some on it but is at work now at his trade for lumber to build a house. We rented a house about a mile off and shall be compelled to stay here until we can build one of our own.

We were very much surprised to receive a letter from Albert at Washington City. We answered it and shall expect a letter soon. Have you heard from him lately?

In our paper of last week, we read of a number missing from Manchester.

I have not much news to write at this time. Please write as soon as convenient.
Yours Lavisa Juckett.

Direct to Oakville Monroe Mich.



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