August 4, 1861

August 18, 1862

December 20, 1862

November 17, 1864



Lavisa Juckett was the wife of  Ashley Juckett.  We don't know much about Lavisa other than she was a mother of three boys Warren, Scott and John.  

Before Ashley went to war in the summer of 1862, The Ashley Juckett Family had recently moved to the Ypsilanti, Michigan area, and were building a home there.  In a letter from August 4,  1861 Lavisa write of this. 

I can imagine the conversation at the dinner table  in those days,  the talk of war must have been a major topic of discussion,  but also the building of the home and the raising of the children.  

Perhaps it was during one of these conversations that Ashley and Lavisa first talked of Ashley going to war.  Lavisa I am sure knew the conversation would happen sometime, each day praying the war would end and her husband would not have to go.  On August 18, 1862 she wrote of Ashley's decision to join the fight.

On December 20, 1862, Lavisa writes to the Juckett's,  in Homer Michigan asking them to come and see her, she writes, she is lonesome, and wonders when the war will end.

Lavisa must have been terrified of the thought she may be left alone with three young children if something should happen to Ashley, we know  now her fears came true  in August 1863, her beloved husband and father of her children died in Alexandria Virginia, at the the age of 33.

Our final letter was dated November 17,  1864,  Lavisa writes of her desire for the family to come and see her,  and her concern of her boys going to school.