0akville, MI
Dec 20 1862.

Dear Father and Mother:

I suppose you are anxious to hear from us therefore I will write you this evening. We are well and I have not heard from Ashley since he went away.

They left Detroit a week ago last Friday & Saturday, the 4th & 5th. It seems like a long time since I heard from him. I guess he felt worse than he thought he should when he found they were going, poor man. He says I can hardly tell you what to do.

When will this trouble cease? I sometimes think not until the rebels have conquered us. But I will hope as long as there any hope left.

Do you hear from Albert Lately? I think he looks Very natural in the likeness. I should have sent it back before but have been rather short of stamps until now.

Father sent me some in his last letter. He put two on the one he sent to me and they told me there was three cents more due on it.
I am alone and I do hope you will try to come and see us, some of you, when there is sleighing.

Warren and John goes to school, perhaps you will not wonder if I tell you I am sometimes lonesome.

When I hear from Ashley I will write you. Write soon.

Yours as ever
Lavisa Juckett

Since I finished my letter, I received a letter from Ashley and I will send it to you.


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