Dexter, Mich,
Nov 17, 1864

Dear friends: 

Your letter was received and was glad to hear from you But was sorry to hear of Mothers illness. I hope it will not be long lasting. We are all well and at home now.

Warren has done work and I would like to have him, for his benefit, and if you can make it convenient, to do chores for you or Harvey, to go to school this winter.

They have engaged a woman teacher, one of the scholars, to teach. I do not think it is well for a boy as large as he is as a man teacher would be. Besides, they do not use the books that he studied last winter and if he can go there, I would like to have him.

Mother is with me yet and I have persuaded her to stay all winter with me.

I have no news of importance to write you so please excuse me until next time.

I would like to have you visit me this fall and shall be disappointed if you do not. It seems as if some of you could come Harvey you and Ann will try and come wont you?

Albert has promised to as soon as he can so I shall look for him  soon. Please write as soon as is convenient. 

Tell Eliza I have received her letter and am much obliged.

Please answer soon.

Lavisa Juckett.



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