Harrison's Landing Va.
Tuesday Aug. 5,1862.

Dear Father and Mother:   Your very welcome letter of July 25th received last night. I was very glad to hear from you and hear you both are well. We are all well.

There is very little going on in camp except drilling which we do for two hours night and morning. We have twenty four hours picket duty every four days so you can see our duties are not too hard.

One night last week, Thursday I think, we were awakened in the night by heavy firing in the direction of the Landing.

I have heard since the rebels came down on the other side of the river with field batteries and fired into our vessels. They did very little damage.

This morning we have heard heavy firing in the direction of Malvern Hill and our Regt. has orders for two days rations cooked. I think the orders were for us to be ready if anything happens.

We have had some very warm weather but not having to much to do we were able to stand it. We have also had some rain now and then.

The Chaplain preaches once in a while but not every Sunday. He is now on a fifteen day furlough.

I think the weather must be considerably warmer here than you have been having there. One of our boys that has been back there said he had to wear an overcoat all the time and most of the other people were wearing their linen coats.

We often hear and read of the temptations and sins one is subjected to in camp life. I cannot see but anyone can resist all the temptation if they are of a mind to. There is a great deal of gambling and swearing but one can avoid that if they choose to. I don't see as there is any more temptation than there is at home.

I would have been much pleased if you had sent your picture.
I don't think much of Eliza's picture. I think the person who took it didn't know how to take pictures.

Mother I think you had better take the next money I send home and buy yourself a new silk dress. If I don, t send enough let me know and I will send enough next time.
I thank father very much for the handkerchief.

Those notes are good at any bank and most merchants will take

I wish the war could be closed and hope it will be soon.

I have written all so I will close. Write as soon as you receive this and remember me as
Your affectionate Son
A.J. Juckett



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