Alexandria Va.
Sunday March 16 1862

Dear Father and Mother: I suppose you will be surprised to know we are still in this part of Va. after getting my last letter.

We stayed in Ft. Lyon Friday night and it rained nearly all night.
The next day there did not seem to be any more signs our going so we naturally began to get uneasy. To make it worse it began to rain again about nine o, clock and you may be sure we were in rather a bad fix.

Nothing but little tents just large enough for two to lay down in. We laid there until the ground was soaked with water. We then picked up our duds and started for the city. You may be sure we were soaked by the time we got there. We had no trouble finding a deserted house.

We took possession and had the good luck to find two good fire places in it. Of course we could not go without a fire for the want of wood as long as there were fences around.
We dried out our clothes and got a pretty good nights sleep. This morning we went out and begged our breakfast. Since then we have been around town and down to the docks. They are loading steamers with coal and army supplies.
There are plenty of steamers more than I ever saw before. Also larger ones.
I think we will leave in two or three days.

I was down town last night and saw quite a number of regiments coming from Centerville and Manassas. They had marched all day in the rain and I am sure they were tired. They put me in mind of the 22nd of last July.

There must be forty or fifty thousand troops going with the fleet.

Before I left the Regt. I received Laura's letter with the pictures and was surprised to get them and was very pleased.

Now have yours taken and I will be satisfied. I will do the same as soon as I can.

There are about l0 regiments scattered around the city.
The Streets are full of men and not over six together. I don't know how they are going to get them all together again.

We should have gone back today but don't think it best to stay there in the mud over night.

This is all the news there is and the convenience for writing is rather poor so I will stop for this time.

write soon.
Remember me as your affectionate son.
A. J. Juckett.




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