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    1864  Was  A.J's  final year with the Second Michigan Infantry,  I can imagine  how A.J. might have felt.  He has traveled thousands of miles by Train, Boat and Foot.  Fought in Dozens of battles,  saw many friends wounded and killed,  slept many nights in cold tent's, in back of wagons,  and on the ground.   He I am sure had thought many times he would never return alive to Homer, Michigan.  But despite of all the hardships he had endured,  in June of 1864  he did just that, return to his Family and friends.  

In January 1864 we find A.J. and the rest of the Second Michigan Camped near Knoxville Tennessee,  in late January,  the second Michigan returns to Michigan for Furlough,  A.J. because he is to be discharged later that year does not return to Michigan, instead he goes on duty with Company I of the Seventieth Infantry.  

This is were we find A.J. in our first letter from him dated March 12,  he is in Lexington Kentucky and writes of having no were to sleep but in back of wagons,  on April 9 he rejoins the Second Michigan and in a letter dated April 30 he writes of marching with the Second form  Annapolis,  Maryland  down trough Washington D.C. towards Fredericksburg,  Virginia, where they participate in the battle of the wilderness and Spotsylvania court house.   A.J. writes in a letter from may 9 about these battles.

In A.J's  final letter dated May 17,  he writes from Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

 Soon after this, he returned to Detroit, Michigan and is Discharged on June 3, 1864 having completed his three year enlistment.