Lexington, KY.,
March 12, 1864

Dear Father and Mother: I suppose you are looking for another letter from me by this time.

We received orders last Thursday to turn in our things and report to this place the next day. We did so and here I am with nothing to do only eat and sleep.

I have been around town until I am tired so thought I would come up here and write you a letter.

There is a fellow that belongs with us who got a furlough and had no money so I let him have ten dollars and when he gets home he will send it to you and you can give it to King Allen. It is money that was I owing King from the Company. It will be sent to Albion as he will send it by express. I don't know how the charges will be but king should pay it.

I have been over to see the boys in the 11th Reg. and they are all alright.

They had quite a riot here in town between the Sixth KY. Cavalry and some of the 11th boys. There were quite a number of shots fired but no one was seriously hurt.

I can't think of any more to write so I will stop for this time but will write more as soon as we get fixed.

We have no tents so have to sleep in some wagons that are here.

I received a letter from Laura last Saturday.

Speaking of Fred Dikeman, find out the particulars and let me know.

You may direct my mail in care of Capt. March, Lexington, KY.

Please write soon and obliged.

Your Son

A.J. Juckett.


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