Falmouth, Va.

Friday Feb 6, 1863

Respected Friend:

Your welcome letter of Jan. 12 received and was very glad to hear from you. I am well and it has been quite a long time since I left home. Longer than I expected. I don't think we would have had to stay this long if all connected with the army had done their part.

No one general will dispute another for fear he will be considered in disfavor by the others.

Look at the last battle of Bull Run. Through the treachery of Porter, Pope was defeated. Look at the great loss of life and what good did it do? I cannot say.

Blame the South as they were the cause of this war but I still respect them for one thing. They have undertaken to get free from the North and they all work together and sacrifice everything for their cause while we are fighting and quarreling among ourselves.

I know our lines are farther advanced now than they were a year ago but we are loosing ground every day, land as well as water. I think if we are ever going to do anything now is the time. I am afraid we will never see the states united again. I don't think if the two parties could agree to be united the Union could be based on the same foundation it was before.

I don't think Mr. Lincolns proclamation is going to do any particular good as we cannot free the slaves until we capture the territory they are in. We don't seem to be having much success now.

As for a colored army I don't care if they do make them fight. It will not hurt them any more than it will me.

We were all very sorry to hear of John and Gregg's death.

Day before yesterday we heard cannonading and the rebels cheering. Later we learned they had received the news of their victory at Charleston.

There is a rumor in camp that we are going to Fortress Monroe and some of the troops are on the move now.

We have been having a rainy time for the last few days and it is still raining.

I have written all I can think of so please answer as soon as convenient.

My love to all.

your friend
A.J. Juckett

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