Camp near Fairfax, Va.
March 8th, 1863.

Dear Mother: It was with pleasure I received your letter which I received in due time. I am glad to hear you are well as usual and hope you may enjoy good health for many years to come. I am enjoying very good health at present.

Our duties keep us very busy both day and night, on picket, scouting, camp guard and taking care of our horses. Some nights we do not sleep at all.

We left Washington week before last. We did not know where we were going, left everything but our blankets and shelter tents. We had to live outdoors part of the time, some hard rains day and night. In about a week our things came.

Our stove did not come and we miss it very much. It is cold and sour weather, mud knee deep. The sun has hardly been in sight for two weeks and we are anxious for it to come off warm.

We are all anxious for this trouble to come to an end so that we can return to our families and friends. I am certainly anxious to see that time.

write as soon as you receive this and oblige.

Your son, yours truly

A. R. Juckett



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